Victim Support | Trial: Aksel Otterbeck

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‘You had a choice, but you became a killer’ – Parents want prison for driver who killed son

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April 2024:  News Update on Media campaign

SADD has worked with the Western Cape Transport Department and is very proud to share this information, and to have helped save many lives in the WC.

#TogetherWeCan #BoozeFreeRoads  #MakeItSafe  #CommitToAct  #StreetsForLife #Love30km #SafelyHome

“Thank you for your contribution to making the Western Cape roads safer through your content, shared on SADD’s social media platforms over the years. 

We truly appreciate your partnership, and the passion and dedication you have brought to this project.
Thanks to your contribution, we have managed to achieve significant reductions in the fatality rate since 2013. 

To date, we’ve achieved a 43% reduction in the death rate of passengers, 39% amongst drivers and 12% amongst pedestrians. 

You have played a role in saving the lives of 4,037 people (1,591 passengers; 1,526 pedestrians; 920 drivers).”

April 2024: Kommetjie road safety project

#MakeltSafe and #CommitToAct campaign for #StreetsForLife in Kommetjie-Western Cape
A new housing development in Kommetjie will see an extra +/- 400->500 vehicIes being fed into a long road, Wireless rd. from Riverside rd. Wireless rd. has many pedestrians, children, cyclists, the elderly, runners, people going to the beach etc. using this road during the day with there being no pavements or traffic calming measures in place. The speed limit of 60km is already much too high, and in addition many vehicle already speed above this limit. SADD have been meeting with, and corresponding with the engineers from the City of Cape Town, the mayor, the developer and the community to make this intersection safer, as everyone has a right for safe roads and #StreetsForLife.

May 2024 | #MakeItSafe #CommitToAct campaign, Msunduzi Municipality

Msunduzi Municipality. SADD director Caro Smit meets with Municipality traffic staff Jan Vermaak & Inspector Maluleko at Loop str SAPS. Discussed serious matters e.g. potholes, robots not working, vehicles parked illegally, taxis disobeying traffic laws.