Protesting outside Cape Town court – 13 December

SADD & SAVE volunteers 13.12.22

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Aksels case 13.12.22

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Protesting outside City of Cape Town Municipal Council – November 11

Protesting outside City of Cape Town Municipal Council offices with members of SAAPA to highlight the harmful effects of alcohol abuse, as well as remembering road traffic victims. November

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World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims – November 5

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Alderman Felicity Purchase and Cllr Simon Liell-Cock from City of Cape Town
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Introduction by Caro Smit

Cllr Simon Liell-Cock

Victim Support 

SADD protested and supported the 5 parents of 4 young men who were killed & 1 other who was injured, when Lazarus Malatji‘s car slammed into theirs on the side of the road, while they were changing a tyre in Nasrec Rd, Soweto in 2017.

Mr Malatji, in his defence, said he does not abuse alcohol as he only drinks once a month, and before he drove that night he “only” had about 4 quarts/ngudus/750ml bottles of beer. His BAC was 0,30mg, which is consistent with drinking 4 x 750ml beer.

EDUCATION: 4 x750ml beers is classed as binge drinking, which is harmful to both self and others. Of note – even one 750 ml bottle of beer will come to 0.07+mg, and have a person over the legal limit of 0,05mg, and impair their driving. At a BAC of 0,30 mg the chance of being involved in a crash is 150 times higher than driving at a Zero BAC.

After about 20 court appearances, a new Lawyer encouraged the accused to take responsibility for his actions, and plead guilty. Lazarus Malatji pleaded guilty and was sentenced on 15 July 2022 in the Regional Court in Johannesburg to 8yrs imprisonment for 4 counts of culpable homicide, 3yrs for #DUI, 3yrs for reckless driving & his license was revoked.

The youths deaths led to one of the mothers dying of a broken heart 2 yrs later, made a single parent childless and has resulted in everlasting pain to them all.

Their deaths were preventable.We need #BoozeFreeRoads


Visit the SADD wall of shame here. 

Lazarus Malatji Pleaded guilty to DUI and Culpable Homicide

Kenneth’s father

Lebogang’s father

Sarah Oliphant

Thoko Tshabalala – mother of Sandile

Sarah, Caro and demonstrators

Peaceful protest for pavement

Children, cyclists, skateboarders and civic groups staged a peaceful protest on Saturday to call for a pavement on the road between Ocean View and Kommetjie.

The roadside protest was organised by road-safety activist and Kommetjie resident Caro Smit. Ms Smit is the founder and director of South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD).

Ocean View children call for safe pavements on the road
between Ocean View and Kommetjie.

#CommitToAct #StreetsForLife

Caro Global Plan OV 11.6.22

Young cyclists and friends want a safe passageway

Ocean View Cadets sign their names and ask for a safe walkway

See the project that SADD did in 2021 – United Nations Global Road Safety Week: 17th-21st May 2021.


SADD is working together with PedalPower to raise awareness about cycling, to advise motorists that cyclists are also entitled to use the roads and to advocate for their safety and rights if they are killed.

SADD participated in the Cape Town Cycle Tour on 13th March 2022 by displaying a “Ghost bike”, which represents cyclists who have been killed on the roads, and raising awareness about the campaign #cyclistslivesmatter

Caro at the PedalPower stand #cyclistslivesmatter at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo11.3.22

Choc team Ian,I rene and Cindy Cape Town Cycle Tour 13.3.22

Ashley CTCT 13.3.22

#BuckleUpBackSeat Project

Encouraging people to wear seatbelts in the back of vehicles because it is the law because it is the safest thing to do.