Courses & Training

Breathalyzer and Workplace Training

SADD offers 2 hour training on this multi use breathalyzer which includes:

  • Instruction on the correct use of the multi use breathalyzer
    • Provides information on Alcohol and Units of Alcohol
    • Elimination rates
    • Addiction warning signs
  • Referral information for treatment .
  • Each training session is tailor made for the specific company and prices are available on application.

Educational Institutions

Schools, Universities,etc- teaching the learners, educators or staff.  Very detailed information taught about the following in a fun and non-judgemental way. 

  • Alcohol – its  Use, Abuse and Dependence.
  • How to drink more responsibly, if you choose to drink.
  • Not drinking alcohol is the norm in SA,keep it up!  How to deal with pressure to drink.
  • Alcohol poisoning and how to assist someone.
  • Diagnosis and treatment.
  • Units of alcohol and what they come to in the blood or breath.
  • Drink Driving/walking

Basic road safety like importance of seatbelt use, lowering your speeds, no alcohol or drugs to be used before/whilst  driving, etc


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