Get Involved/Memory Quilt Project

Instructions for making a DUI Memory patch.

Design/s can be on cotton piece/s of material & can be in various formats

  1. The size/s should be about 15cm x 15cm (more or less) Leave about 2cm blank around the edges so that the patch can be sewn onto the quilt.
  2. A picture of your departed loved one printed onto cotton material with their name, date of birth/death, and a message printed on it. One could do an embroidery message, or add hearts around the face, etc. Any language is acceptable.
  3. And/or embroidery on cotton piece of material with an anti-drink driving message on it
  4. And/or embroidery/painting of hearts/angels/candles and messages, etc. on cotton piece of material.
  5. If family and friends want to also want to join in to make a cotton multi-message panel they should all be sewn together and sent to the co-ordinator. Maximum size of the multi panel is 25cm x 25cm (leave 2 cm free/blank around the whole panel)


Eighth Global Meeting In El Salvador

05 -10th March 2023, San Salvador, El Salvador

Caro Smit attended the Eighth Global Meeting of Nongovernmental Organizations Advocating for Road Safety and Road Victims (Global Meeting) in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The Global Meeting, whose theme is Rethinking road safety: Mobility for people and planet, brought together 214 participants from 61 countries.

1.3 million people die on the world’s roads every year. A global target has been set to reduce road deaths and injuries by 2030. To achieve this, urgent action is needed to implement road safety actions that have been proven in practice to save lives and reduce injuries. Safe roads are essential to enable people to go about their daily lives and to access work and education.

To play our part in achieving the 2030 target, we NGOs explored what accountability in road safety means and how we can keep our governments accountable for global commitments.

The Global Meeting was organized by the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety (the Alliance), and co-hosted by the Vice Ministry of Transportation of El Salvador and the World Health Organization (WHO).

During the symposium, Alliance members presented the San Salvador Declaration, calling for evidence-based road safety actions, including specific policies and implementations to protect pedestrians, bikers, and motorists; transparent and accountable investment to make roads safe; and involvement of road safety NGOs in decision making. http://www.roadsafetyngos.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/San-Salvador-Declaration.pdf

The opening remarks were by Edgar Romeo Rodriguez Herrera, Minister of Public Works and Transport of El Salvador, Nelson Eduardo Reyes Rivas, Vice Minister of Transportation of El Salvador and Lotte Brondum, the Alliance’s Executive Director.

The keynote speakers at the event were Etienne Krug, Director, Social Determinants of Health, WHO and Jean Todt, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety.

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5 M’s- marvelous,motivated mourning mothers, with Etienne Krug-WHO

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International Road Victims Partnership-IRVP-board and members

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International Women’s Day. We being honored by Etienne Krug from WHO

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People who attended the Africa Alliance NGOs sessionjpeg

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People who attended the Africa Alliance NGOs session

United Nations Global Road Safety Week 15-19th May 2023

Oaklands School Principal, Sarah and Caro 5.5.23

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UNGRSW 23 Masi Summary

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UNGRSW 23 OV summary

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UNGRSW 23 Summary Vrygrond 18.5.23

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UNGRSW 23 Oaklands Summary 19.5.23

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