Kevin Turner was killed by a drunk driver in 2012.

It was just before midnight on Saturday, the 7th July 2012, both my sons were on their way home with the rest of their band members (of which my younger son is a member). They had just played a gig in Pretoria. Heading towards the East Rand on the R21 highway, just before the Nelmapius off ramp, they were hit head-on by a drunk driver who had been at a sports bar and was returning home to Pretoria. He had taken the wrong ramp and ended up heading directly into oncoming traffic on a clearly lit four lane highway. As there was another car in front of their car, they did not see the car heading towards them (the drunk driver did not have his lights on), the car in front swerved out of danger and that left the driver of the boys’ car a split second to act, the small turn of the wheel saved two peoples lives: my younger son and the front passenger. But there were 5 young people in the car of which three lost their lives. Why?

Because one person  decided to get behind the wheel with a B.A.C of 1.9. His life was also lost, leaving behind a wife and young son. Families ruined and so much pain and suffering as the kids were young. There is no recourse for the families to take. The laws in this country for drunk drivers are so lax and they just get away with it time and time again. The laws and power of the police needs to be addressed. Fining is not a punishment. A firm hand is needed. I say you get caught drunk driving, your car gets crushed and your license taken away. Maybe then, when it really makes one’s daily life inconvenient, people will think twice. If they don’t think their lives are worth anything then fine but, I’m sorry, my family is everything to me and you do not have the right to take them away.