Heather was a beautiful, intelligent and loving daughter at the peak of her career.

She is terribly missed by her parents and her sisters Susan and Catherine and her brother Colin. She was taken away in the prime of her life and we are all finding our lives very difficult without her.

My daughter was out jogging on a Sunday afternoon at about 5.30 in a quiet suburban street in Wilro Park, Roodepoort when she was knocked down by a minibus taxi and basically died at the scene of the accident. She was a very experienced and very careful runner. The driver of the taxi that hit her was under the influence of alcohol and was immediately taken to have blood drawn. My daughter had no identification on her, only the remote for entrance to her flat complex and keys for her flat. The Emergency Services took the remote and keys and searched the neighbourhood using the remote until they the found the block of flats where they gained access to her flat. They then found her cell phone and contacted us in Plettenberg Bay at about 9.00 in the evening to inform us that our daughter had been critically injured and had been taken to the provincial hospital as she was not carrying her medical aid card with her. When I phoned the hospital and being passed through many people I was eventually informed me that she was dead.

Submitted By: Vernon Cosser

The name of the driver is Tshediso Andrew Motsheshe. He pleaded guilty.

His sentence was 3 years for culpable homicide and 9 months for drunken driving.

His drivers licence was removed and he may no longer drive a vehicle.

‘This sentence rather disappoints me as I feel it is a very lenient sentence and will not send any sort of message out about drinking and driving. That is why I so badly wanted to have my say in court and plead for an exemplary sentence. I feel that until such crimes are treated more seriously there is no deterrent for drunk driving. Unfortunately there is nothing more to be done about our case so I must accept the judgement.’- Vernon Cosser (father)

‘Justice has certainly not been done.  We are sure that you feel very aggrieved and sympathize with you. We once had a burglar sentenced to 5 years after they caught him with the goods and we got them all back.’- A family friend

‘We were absolutely appalled at the lenient sentence passed on this man. These taxi drivers are a complete law unto themselves and I don’t think anyone, from the police to the courts, have any control over them. How is it possible to arrive at a sentence of three years and nine months!’- A family friend

‘This is abominable and so frustrating!  Is there no way we can appeal against this ridiculous sentence?  I cannot believe how pathetic they are.’- A family friend