Desire, you are the shiniest star amongst them all, and when ever I am lonely I will look up at you and smile.

You are missed by all that knew you. Your laugh will always echo through our hearts and our homes.

The sense of your presence will always be felt and that gold star that shines above our home is you watching and keeping us safe from others.

Thanks for all your love that you have given us and respect that you have for us and others. Thanks for your unconditional love and support.

We miss you dearly but we know that where you are today you are in no danger.

‘A little star’ in the sky whispered that there is jealousy amongst the other stars and even the bigger stars are jealous. ‘Why?’, I asked. The little star whispered, ‘because there is a gold star in the sky have you not noticed?’. ‘Yes’, I said, ‘I know it is there, but why the jealousy’. The little star once again said, ‘look up and see’. As I looked up my eyes filled with tears as I saw your shining face.

Desire Smit was tragically killed on the 22 November by a Spoornet Driver who overtook on a solid white line on the wrong side of the road straight into Desire, the driver was 4 times over the legal alcohol limit.

The driver was also driving at a speed much higher than the speed limit which was 100km and the limit that the truck was permitted to drive which is 80km and also attempted to escape from the scene of the accident.