An Angel gone too soon.

An Angel gone too soon. Brian was the passenger and trusted his friend so much that he took a lift with him, knowing the friend was under the influence of alcohol. His friend smashed into a stationary truck parked in a parking space on the side of the road. Brian went under the truck and he died instantly, the driver got only a cut on his nose. He didn’t even know Brian was in the LDV with him. (the case is still pending at the inquest court), and we the family have to suffer the pain and devastation of the tragic death, we are still suffering.

Brian known as Nikey Boy, Souja. Pretty Boy, Beacon for his orange soccer boots, was a boy that was loved by everyone who knew him, he had a large circle of friends that loved him, he was a hardworking, funny, witty and very mischievous boy, he lived for the weekends to be with his friends, and to play soccer. He went to gym four times a week, He was our Angel on Earth, We love you Brian will always be in our hearts. You Lived, You Loved, You Laughed and Cried, but you did it your way.

Dear Brian,

Your piercing blue eyes are still so alive in our memories.
The word ‘friend’ can easily be found in a common English dictionary. How ever a friend like you is hard to come by. Unfortunately you won’t ever realise what your friendship really meant to us because your worth could never be explained in words or measured in gold. I am quite sure though, that in every hug you ever shared with us, you felt it.

A big brother to most of us, our small group of friends became an inseparable family unit. With Downs around, laughter was never in short supply. Your coy smile would be flashed and hearts would melt, tears would dry and smiles would form from frowns. You lived, you laughed and you loved. You cheered our spirits up with your quirky jokes and classic dance moves. Towering over most of us, you stood up for your friends; even if it was from the background. You were there. Time has been stolen from us. And your genuine friendship and soft hearted nature, the things we loved you for, are to blame.
But you were who you were. A beautiful person, an incredible friend.
Staring at 6 year old photo of you and I and I can’t seem to stop smiling through the tears. We have had the privilege of creating and sharing beautiful memories with you. For that we’ll forever be in your debt. We carry your heart with us, Downs; we carry it in our hearts.

Shari Fallet (a close friend of Brian)