Ashley’s drive and compassion made her a unique and powerful human being.

So many of the goals that she worked so passionately towards were for the benefit of others less fortunate than herself, and this is what made her a truly exceptional and beautiful person. She was instrumental in helping to raise funds for a safe haven for rape victims in Khayelitsha through a brilliant documentary she made on rape in South Africa and the crisis centre.

She stood so strongly by her values and ideals. Our loss has made us reassess our lives and realize how much more we can do with our time here and how much more we can give of ourselves like Ash did. All the selfless and great things she did can inspire us to find compassion and ambition two of her greatest qualities.

Her spirit can be felt with everyone she came into contact with, and we know that we are better people because of our time spent with her. To have known her was an honour and to have loved her was a privilege. As Ash used to say, we’ll miss you like oceans.

Ashley was driving home late on a Friday night from a youth movement meeting. A speeding car with no lights smashed into the drivers side of the car killing Ashley on impact. The driver of the speeding car had no licence, was drunk and was driving a stolen car.

The two other girls in the car with Ashley survived the crash but one girl was critically injured.

To date the drunk driver has not yet been brought to court and it has been over a year.

Submitted by Megan & Jeff Kaimowitz