SADD offers a volunteer program for anyone that is interested in making a difference within their community. It has been designed to help individuals make an impact with their local officials and community.

We have designed this program to have a wider reach in South Africa, and to inspire communities to make a difference

You can choose which portfolio you are interested in from our categories:

  • Raising Awareness

This portfolio requires you to spread the message about SADD, and our main mandate: drink driving. It is essential for the community to know that drink driving is against the law, and we find that people listen more to their friends and neighbors than an organization.

Your role would be to

  • Outreach

Road crash victims seldom have rights, and do not have a voice. We would like to give support to these victims, and to provide them with the necessary psychological and emotional support they deserve.

As a volunteer, you could help us by going out into your local community and identifying road crash victims that we can supply with grief literature and advice.

In some cases, the injured could have been involved in a crash and has opened a legal case; we have the resources to help boost their representation in court.

  • Education

We have found that people seldom understand alcohol and its affect on driving skills and one’s general well being. We believe that informing people about the effects of alcohol, will hopefully help them become more responsible.

It would be your duty to teach this information to either your community, local councilors, schools or universities.

This portfolio is very specialized, and would require you to do our alcohol training course. After you have completed the course you will receive an accredited certification from SADD which you can present before your training.

Anyone who is interested in road safety and making a difference in their community


SADD is an international road safety organization and a member of the Global Alliance of Road Safety for Non Governmental Organizations. The experience that you will receive from working with our organization could help boost your resume/cv profile

Parents and Guardians

Creating a safer environment will positively affect your family and other families in your community. Local officials will not be able to do everything that your community needs, and this is a way that you can help improve your quality of life. Safer roads = safer communities 



You will receive an accredited certificate from this portfolio to teach others about alcohol and drink driving

Raising Awareness and Outreach

You will receive a certificate of participation for all your efforts that you can add to your resume/CV

Please contact us below with your details, and state which portfolio you would like to do in the Subject line

Thank you!