Aims of CycleSafe KZN

  • Raise awareness of cycling safety and rules for both cyclists and vehicles so there is mutual respect, and less deaths and injuries to cyclists.
  • Erection of signs making motorists’ especially aware of the 1.5m safe passing margin that cyclists should be afforded.
  • Being proactive and assisting new cyclists to know the safe cycling rules – i.e.
    Cycle on the correct side of the road
  • Wear helmets
  • Wear reflective gear
  • Follow rules of road

Motorists to :

  1. Keep minimum of 1.5m passing distance.
  2. Slow down when they see cyclists.
  3. Be aware road cyclists need to avoid potholes, so may move into road occasionally.

To collect old cycling helmets.

Distributing these helmets & reflective gear to disadvantaged commuting cyclists, as well as giving them cycling safety advice

Recipient helmet 21.5.13 Small

Fundraising- to enable us to put up signs, buy helmets & reflective gear.

Give cycle/road safety talks to Schools.

Collection points for helmets are: SADD – 59 Francis Staniland Drive, Montrose. PMB. Tel: 033 3470103

Reflective armbands and reflectors will be given to cyclists when funds are available.

DONATIONS for both roadside cycling safety signs, helmets and reflective gear, would be gratefully appreciated.

Companies can put their Logos on the signs.