South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD) are extremely concerned at the 5% increase in the death rate this holiday season. Approximately 1 714 people have died, which is the equivalent of 5 airplanes. This on top of the 15% increase last year means we have had a 20% increase in 2 years. Alcohol abuse is behind at least 65% of these incidents, with 5943 of 9175 drives being charged with drunk driving.

Department of Transport say they are committed under the UN’s “Decade of Action” to get road deaths down by 50% by 2010.(See Min Peters press release


Deaths can only be confirmed 30 days after the crashed happen. Statistics are not so accurate in SA as the crash may have occurred and captured in a rural area, and the patient taken to an urban Hospital, where he then dies.

SAPS from rural areas are unlikely to follow up and record that death.

So our deaths and injuries are very under reported.

The Department of Transport reports 1714 people died this holiday season, so far.

1 714 people is the equivalent of 5 airplanes crashing over the holiday period. 5 planes!!

Alcohol abuse is behind at least 65% of the incidents.

This is just totally unacceptable.

The main reason it is unacceptable is that many of these deaths (and the injuries which they have not reported) are preventable if the Department followed the best practice measures that are adopted by countries that have dramatically reduced their crashes like UK, Australia, Sweden, etc.

SADD asks every one to get involved to demand safer roads,and fight with us to demand the Governement takes urgent and appropriate action now.

There should be a month of mourning for these people,and an inquiry into the competence of our transport department to deal with the crisis.

KZN deaths went up 18%