"Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Then Drive"

Winner of a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2012

Who are SADD?

SOUTH AFRICANS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING is an NPO organization: Reg. No 055-255.

It was founded by the Alcohol and Drug Educator and Counsellor, and Psychiatric Social Worker, Caro Smit, after her 23year old son, Chas, was killed in September 2005, by a driver who had been drinking.

SADD’s mission is to:

  • Stop drink driving
  • Support the victims of this violent crime
  • Urge the authorities to enforce the Road Safety laws in South Africa
  • Educate the public about alcohol and its misuse

SADD is part of the “Decade of Action for Road Safety”, ‘MAKE ROADS SAFE', and the International WHO NPO: “Global Alliance of NGO’s Advocating for Road Safety and Road Victims.

What do we do?

SADD is project based and in the past few years has completed the following:

  • Two Lotto funded projects to distribute our “Alcohol, Drink Driving and Road Safety manuals into 1670 schools in KZN to teach educator and leaners using Manuals, worksheets, posters and DVD’s
  • Our taxi driver project – working with both owners and drivers.
  • SADD’s University project that works with young people in 8 South African Universit teaching the effects of alcohol abuse and drink driving.
  • SADD also works with the victims of drink driving – providing support and counselling to familes.  We also assist with guidance to the Justice system and referrals for accident reconstruction.
  • SADD acts as a media resource – providing statistics and information to all facets of the media.

Why do we exist?

Every year in South Africa, about 18 000 people are killed and 150 000 injured in car crashes. 60% of these are caused by alcohol.  Many of these victims are under the age of 30.This figure is predicted to rise by 80% by 2020. Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and runners are especially at risk.

The main problem is that the implementation of the South African drinking and driving laws are terribly forgiving.  SA laws are amongst the best in the world. The South African Road Traffic Act allows a 10 year sentence for drink driving, removal of licenses, and a R180 000 fine, however the reality is very different, and tough and prohibitive sentences are not given .

At present most of the major role players in South African Road Safety are not effective enough. This includes the Government Departments such as Justice, the traffic authorities and the road users themselves. We have been described as a nation who has no commitment to being responsible for our actions on the roads.  Until the laws are properly enforced, South Africans will still think it is acceptable to drink then drive, to not wear seatbelts, to speed, and drive recklessly.


  • 2006

    In recognition of her efforts, Caro won South Africa’s premier Road Safety award, the Evert van Niekerk C.A.R.S. “Road Safety Achievement of the Year Award”, beating OutSurance.

  • 2012

    SADD received a Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award for their University Project.

What can you do?

As citizens we can make a difference by not committing crimes on our roads and understanding that “Drink Driving is not an accident, it is a choice”


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