"Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Then Drive"

Winner of a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2012

Chas Smit

16/02/82 - 18/09/05

Precious and loving, and loved son of Mike and Caro, and special brother to Guy and Philippa and beloved friend of Rory and Brandon.

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Connor & Gillian Bell


Beloved wife and child of Jason, and mother and brother of Madison and Courtney.

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Sonja-Monique van Wyk

18/08/00 - 10/02/12

Pa was al die jare 3 talige toer gids. Afrikaans, Engels en Duits.
Hy het die motor waarin hy sy toere gedoen het het in die suid-kaap is die selfde een wat in die ongeluk was.

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Ashlee Bouwer

15/08/83 - 01/03/03

Daughter of Rene van Rooyen and sister to Tyler Wilson.

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Cindy Zeilhofer

20/02/82 - 10/05/05

Daughter to Anton and Tosh, sister to Richard (jnr) and Rodrick.


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Ashley Kaimowitz

16/08/85 -19/03/05

Ashley's drive and compassion made her a unique and powerful human being.


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Stuart Macphail


Our wonderful son and older brother, Stuart Macphail, died tragically oOn 6th December 2005. He was 19 years old, with his future full of promise.

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Mark Henkeman


Mark Henkeman was killed by a drunk driver in 2009.





23/01/1986 - 08/11/2008

An Angel gone too soon.


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Stephen Smit

15/09/54 - 19/11/84

Stephen was killed by a drunk an unlicenced Army serviceman.


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Bianca Kim Lloyd

Binky, you are sorely missed among everyone who knew you, I love you lots my friend.

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Vaughan Fox


In memory of our son Vaughan, killed by a drunken driver on the 3rd March 2006.

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Martin Blignaut

04/07/71 – 27/03/05

Martin was a very outgoing person, who would rather do things for his fellow people than for himself.

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Desire Smit


Desire, you are the shiniest star amongst them all, and when ever I am lonely I will look up at you and smile.

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Kevin Reddy

27/01/92 – 19/07/03

Youngest son of Correne Smith and very special little brother to Kelly-Jade and Nikolas. Always missed, always loved, never far from our hearts and thoughts.

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Vincent Hattingh

24/06/84 - 20/11/04

My eldest son, taken from me so tragically.


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Annique du Preez

22/03/80 - 24/07/04

 Jou dood was\is so sinneloos! Ons mis jou elke liewe dag, maar besef jy is by jou skepper ons almagtige vader...


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Maritsa Nell

13/12/80 – 31/03/06

Die dag toe ek Maritsa Nell ontmoet 'n jaar gelede het my lewe verander en het gevoel ek is volmaak.

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Rex John Walker

01/09/78 – 06/09/03

Rex was a very special person to us all and we miss him so much.

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Bongani Kareem Dube

5/11/78 – 11/6/05

Dearly loved husband of Kendy and father of Hakeem, who is deeply loved.

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Jacques (Croc) Meyer

25/12/72 – 09/12/06

To my beloved brother Jacques, I miss and love you more everyday. My heart is broken.

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Marvin Kgotso Moeng

17/04/89 – 29/07/06

With him leaving us, we were again reminded of the value of each child and each day we are given by God with that child.

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Andrew Alexander

2/5/81 – 11/5/07

Andrew was one of the finest young men who ever lived and we are so proud of him.

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Heather Elizabeth Cosser

03/05/66 - 10/09/06

Heather was a beautiful, intelligent and loving daughter at the peak of her career.

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Alex Nicol

29/03/89 - 03/05/08

Not a day passes that we don't miss him.


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Kevin Turner

27/12/91 - 8/7/12

 Kevin Turner was killed by a drunk driver in 2012.


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