"Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Then Drive"

Winner of a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2012

Seat belt Project, Northern Park Primary, Pietermaritzburg- funded by Road Safety Fund

27 November 2013

Two little "Dubes"


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Seat belt Project- Merchiston Prep, Pietermaritzburg- funded by Road Safety Fund

18 November 2013

Dube visits Merchiston!


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Seat belt Project, Pietermaritzburg- funded by Road Safety Fund



Pre Tests were done in 16 schools in Pietermaritzburg to check seat belt wearing rates, in the front and back, by both adults and children.


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Aims of CycleSafe KZN

  1. Raise awareness of cycling safety and rules for both cyclists and vehicles so there is mutual respect, and less deaths and injuries to cyclists.
  2. Erection of signs making motorists' especially aware of the 1.5m safe passing margin that cyclists should be afforded.
  3. Being proactive and assisting new cyclists to know the safe cycling rules - i.e. 
    1. Cycle on the correct side of the road
    2. Wear helmets
    3. Wear reflective gear
    4. Follow rules of road

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Witwatersrand University

2nd August 2013

Meeting with Student Counselling Psychologist -co-ordinator. They then trained Peer Counsellors on 2/4 September 2013

University of Kwa Zulu Natal - 4 Campus’s

30th August 2013

Meeting with Psychologists and Social Worker, plus head of Student Affairs - about getting the program into the whole University.


20th August 2013

SADD trains 22 Peer Counsellors and Staff from residences and security.

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Stellenbosch University

29th July 2013

Meeting with new co-coordinator of program.

University of Cape Town

27th July 2013. Trained +/- 230 Peer Mentors and Staff/Psychologists etc


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Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Bellville and Cape Town Campus’

Trained 11 Peer Mentors and Psychologists.

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North West University

10th May 2013

SADD trained 11 staff. 30 Peer Educators were then trained and they then ran program at Inter-varsity between Potchefstroom and Bloemfontein (University Free State)

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Varsity College NGO Open Day

Charlotte at the annual Varsity College NGO Open Day Feb 2013

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ThinkB4 u drink Camps bay High 28-30 Jan 2013

Romi Diamond, a SADD member and friend of Ashley Kaimovitz who was killed by a drunk driver in 2005, discussed a friends death & units of alcohol with the learners and encouraged them to support SADD.

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