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13 May 2015
Nicole John


Child and road safety advocate, Caro Smit from South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD), celebrated the third annual United Nations Global Road Safety Week at Bisley Park Primary last week.


SADD is one of only 10 NGOs worldwide to be funded by the World Bank and the World Health Organisation for this campaign, and will work with schools around Pietermaritzburg to help promote road safety.


From Vietnam to Cambodia and South Africa, children all over the world were decked out in yellow wearing their #SaveKidsLives T-shirts and recorded their worries, experiences and solutions to road traffic problems, and put on plays and songs for dignitaries hoping their message will get through.


“As ambassadors they [the children] voiced their thoughts and fears about travelling on the roads. They said what they need to be kept safe on the roads,” said Smit.


Various traffic department representatives, child-care organisations, Msunduzi Municipality and local schools attended the event where Bisley Park Primary pupils put on a play about issues surrounding child road safety.


Msunduzi Municipality Mayor Councillor Chris Ndlela supported the programme and initiative, saying it was important for all to get involved and make child road safety a priority.


Smit expressed her concern about the statistics regarding child road deaths.


“Children across the world have been consulted and 10 strategic plans have been formulated that all should adhere to in an effort to decrease the number of deaths on the road.”


According to statistics over 500 children lose their lives in road deaths across the world and thousands are injured daily. Over 135 000 people have signed the declaration uniting together and make a call for action on road safety. The target is to get 200 000 signatures.


The declaration calls for action to stop the growing number of road deaths worldwide, ask decision-makers to save children’s lives by putting road safety in place and support the movement for road safety led by children around the world.


For more information visit

www.savekidslives 2015.org



PHOTO: Nicole John

Caro Smit (middle, left) with Msunduzi Municipal Mayor Chris Ndlela at the third annual United Nations Global Road Safety Week at Bisley Park Primary.