"Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Then Drive"

Winner of a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2012

SADD invited to speak by Pernod Ricard


SADD's Charlotte and Caro did a presentation at Pernod Ricard's "Lets Be Smart" Responsib'ALL day for their staff in Cape Town and Pretoria respectively.

They explained the difference between "drinks" and "units" and safer drinking practices,as well as discussing the effects of any alcohol on driving, and why it is important for the SA economy
and families, that no-one drinks then drives.

Pernod Ricard were asked to put the correct units on all alcoholic beverages, and were also encouraged to get involved in CSI projects such as sponsoring sport so as to give youngsters an alternative to drinking alcohol underage.

The "Drunk Goggles" were a fun event used to show how alcohol affects vision and co-ordination.



At Pernod Ricard 


Trying out the 'Drunk Goggles'


Pernod Ricard handout page 1


Pernod Ricard handout page 2